Drum Stick Endorsement with Innovative Percussion:

Signed with Innovative Percussion

I recently signed on with Innovative Percussion as an endorser of their sticks and mallets.  I’ve been using their sticks for more than 5 years now and I’m pleased to make it “official”.  Please visit their site from the link at the right to learn more about their great products:

Thanks for your Support Innovative Percussion!


San Gennaro Music Festival

Rich Adams will perform at San Gennaro Festival with Jerry Tachoir Group:

Rich will be performing on drums with the Jerry Tachoir Group at the San Gennaro Music Festival on Sunday, September 20, 2015, 3:30 pm.  The jazz quartet includes vibist Jerry Tachoir, pianist/composer Marlene Tachoir, bassist Roy Vogt and drummer Rich Adams.  The festival is free and open to the public and sponsored by the Cathedral of the Incarnation.  Go directly to this link for more information:/

Performing on 2&4 at the Nashville Jazz Workshop


The Nashville Jazz Workshop welcomes vibraphonist Jerry Tachoir and the Jerry Tachoir Group for their first appearance in the Jazz Cave Friday, February 27 at 8 pm. He leads the group along with his wife, pianist and composer Marlene Tachoir. Rounding out the ensemble is bassist Roy Vogt and drummer Rich Adams.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Jerry is a nationally acclaimed bandleader and an authority on vibes, marimba and percussion. Originally from Pennsylvania, Tachoir has lived in Nashville for many years, performing and leading clinics and master classes here and around the world.

The Tachoir group's newest release is "Stories," a CD that showcases Marlene's original compositions, with a variety of styles ranging from Latin rhythms to the classic Shearing piano/vibes sound of the 1950's. The CD is available on CD Baby and iTunes.

There will be two sets beginning at 8:00 pm in the Jazz Cave at the Workshop. Tickets will go on sale Monday, February 16 at 10am, and are $20 ($10 for high school and college students). Advance purchase is strongly recommended. Tickets will be available online right here, by phone at 800-838-3006 24/7 or 615-242-5299 during business hours. 

Premiere of "Eternal Landscape" for Wind Symphony

The new work I composed for wind symphony premiered on May 19, 2014 at Schaumburg H.S.  Below is a video of the performance.  Please also see the program notes listed in the composition section of this site.

Amedia Cymbal Endorsement:

I now officially endorse Amedia cymbals.  These handmade Turkish cymbals have a beautiful tone to them, and come in a variety of sizes and configuarations for every style of music. You can hear mine on the new cd release "Stories" by the Jerry Tachoir Group.  Check out the Amedia website for specifications and dealers.

Prizm Ensemble Performance of "Divided Obsession"

MostlyMemphis Poster

Chamber Concert: Mostly Memphis

When: March 8, 2014

Where: Shady Grove Presbyterian Church 5530 Shady Grove Rd Memphis TN 38120

Prizm will be performing my composition "Divided Obsession:"

Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, bassoon, piano.

This is the second time Prizm has chosen this piece for one of their programs.  I'm honored to have them perform my music at their upcoming concert. - RA

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C.D. Release Concert

February 2014:

Rich Adams will be performing at The Jerry Tachoir Group CD Release Party - "Stories"

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Event:  C.D. Release Party/Concert of the new Jerry Tachoir Group "Stories" 

Benefiting the W.O. Smith Music School of Nashville - Cost $20.

When: Friday, Feb. 21, 7:30-9:30

Where/Directions: W.O. Smith Music School, Woods Recital Hall

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About the C.D. - "Stories"  features all original material by award winning composer/pianist, Marlene Tachoir; joined by vibist, Jerry Tachoir; bassist, Roy Vogt; drummers, Danny Gottlieb and Rich Adams; as well as percussionist Beth Gottlieb. Go to Avita jazz for more information on how to purchase the c.d.

About W.O. Smith Music School

Shades of Fukushima (May, 2012)

Duration: 15'                                                                Back to Composition List

Premiered: March 25, 2013

Harris Hall, University of Memphis

University of Memphis Orchestra

Conducted by Kamran Ince

Program Notes:

An earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale occurred in the Tohoku region of Japan on the island of Honshu on March 11, 2011.  This earthquake caused major damage to the Fukushima Daiichi (number one) Power Plant.   A subsequent tsunami occurred as a result of this quake, further complicating the efforts to control the nuclear meltdown already in progress in Fukushima.  This piece reflects these cataclysmic series of events that occurred on this day in Fukushima, Japan.

            It was my aim to create music that was both powerful and bold.  In doing so, the musical language that developed made use of simple motives that become gestures throughout the piece.  The first section uses sonorities that are rather dense and dissonant to reflect the tragic events unfolding.  The percussion section utilizes a wide variety of instruments whose roots are from diverse cultures.  This helps signify the wide spread effect of the catastrophe while providing a palette of multiple timbres within the piece.

              In the second slower section, the same pitch material is used, but voiced and orchestrated more polytonally to achieve a different effect. One could think the use of polytonality represents the coming together of both natural and man-made disasters.  The harmony in this section begins rather simply with the use of minor triads vacillating between one another, creating a hypnotic effect.  At times the sound of one tonality is also heard passing through another and/or melting together. Following the brief percussion solo there is a return to the original bold gestures as they are intensified through the use of dense harmony, orchestration and dynamics. The final section uses a different musical language derived from the writings of Oliver Messiaen in his book, Technique de mon langage musical (The Technique of my Musical Language).  The result is more calm, melodic and tranquil.  The pitch material is based on the octotonic scale where more open sonorities are used to harmonize the melody.  There is one last return to the motives from the second section melded together with other themes already heard.  The piece seems to end with a clear resolution to a b minor triad.  However, a Bb flat minor triad slips in from underneath with a crescendo creating uneasy feeling of dissonance, signifying the culmination of these tragedies. 

© Richard Scott Adams 2013