Danza de la Pasion (May 2011)

Mv. I Salsa                                                                          Back to Composition List

Mv. II Mambo

Mv. III Tango

Mv. IV: Samba

Duration: 10':33"

Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, horn in F, piano

Premiered: March 2011, Harris Hall, University of Memphis

Performed by Luna Nova at the University of Memphis April 11, 2011

Program Notes: Danzas de la Pasión translates "Dances of the Passionate"

This dance suite is inspired from various Latin American dances: Salsa, Mambo, Tango, Samba.   Each movement uses the most prominent musical element or "riff" as source material.  I then present the dance in a more post-modern way by using fragments of these "riffs" or by juxtaposing it in a polytonal fashion.

Movement III: Tango (Argentina)

This movement begins very abstract but quickly unfolds to a very romantic melody in the violin. The rather tonal melody and chord progression serves as a release from the atonal and abstract treatments in the other movements.

The other movements: Salsa, Mambo and Samba

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