Orchestral Works:

Shades of Fukushima (May, 2012)

Violin Concerto (Petrescu, May 2003)

Chamber Works:

Divided Obsession (March 2012)

Danza de la Pasion (May 2011)

Vanya's Journey (January, 2011)

Broken System (April, 2010)

Growing (February, 2010)

Frantic (May, 2009)

Nuts: Mv. I-V (November 2008)

Reflective Waves: Mv. I-III  (December, 2000)

Journey of the Soul: Mv. I-IV (May 1999)

Large Jazz Ensemble:

Sub Aqua, (Big Band Arrangement)

Yellow House in Blue

Rhapsody of Enlightenment (March, 2001)

Return To The Tribe (February, 2000)

There's A Whole In My Shoe (October 1982)

Jazz Combo Pieces:

Moscow Nights

Fast Modern Jazz Tune

Vilad Man


Beauty Beneath

Leyenda del Milagro

ECM Samba

15 Bar Blues

Bossa Tune

Java Juice

Little Birdie

Space Jazz

Drum-set Etude


© Richard Scott Adams 2013